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Getting that care starts with you being in control; making choices, obtaining information and gaining access to world class care in a community setting utilizing the latest and most advanced medical technology and services available. You will find all these attributes at Florida Hospital Celebration Health.

A Model Hospital
Celebration Health is a mix of old-fashioned customs and futuristic concepts, where warm, personal attention is combined with the power of new technology. Developed by Florida Hospital, one of Florida's largest health care providers, Celebration Health is a truly unique facility, offering you a one-of-a-kind health care experience. This thoughtfully designed, comprehensive facility contains 315,000-square feet of programs and services that will serve as a model for future facilities across the country and around the globe.

entrance Florida Hospital Celebration Health

Florida Hospital Celebration Health
400 Celebration Place
Celebration, FL
(407) 764-4000

Located 16.52 miles from Orlando Airport
(for directions click here)

Community Integrated Health Care
Celebration Health is a comprehensive health-care facility at The Walt Disney Company's all-American community in Celebration, Florida. Celebration Health, employs leading-edge information technology tools to provide an integrated delivery system spanning the entire Celebration community. Disney contracted with Florida Hospital to develop and operate Celebration Health. The second-largest hospital in the state, Florida Hospital has based its Celebration approach in part upon its own Florida Hospital Healthcare System, an integrated delivery network that enables the sharing of clinical and financial information among 1,000 physicians, seven hospitals and multiple ancillary providers throughout Central Florida.

The health network starts at home, where Celebration residents use telephones or computers to plug into the Celebration Health network, through which residents are able to ask a nurse questions, schedule appointments or consult with personal health counselors. The network also allows patients to monitor medical conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes from home.

The Celebration Health facility includes physicians offices, general and emergency surgery, as well as rehabilitation and fitness centers. Some of the advanced information technology utilized in the facility include:

  • A computer-based patient record system that, beyond just replicating paper patient records, allows multiple users in separate locations to access the information simultaneously.
  • ATM and wireless networks, which that allow video, voice and data to be distributed throughout the Celebration Health network-even to mobile users.
  • Hand-held computers, which will allow physicians to access medical histories, see X-rays and update electronic patient records remotely-even transmit prescription orders to the Celebration Health pharmacy.
  • Personal communication devices, which the Celebration Health concierge provide to patients as they enter the facility. With these devices, rather than sit in a waiting room, patients are able to browse through the lobby or shops until they are paged by their doctors.
  • Computer kiosks in the Celebration Health facility lobby allow patients to obtain nutrition information, contact the pharmacy and schedule doctor appointments via touch-screen monitors.

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A World Class Team
The physicians practicing at Florida Hospital Celebration Health have been chosen for their excellent medical skills and because they share the same patient-focused philosophy of care that Florida Hospital Celebration Health symbolizes. We offer a large selection of programs designed to assist you with the management of specific chronic diseases as well as improving your overall health status.

Our team of health professionals will work with you in identifying lifestyle changes designed to improve your health and to enhance your overall well-being. To help you achieve your goals we have identified eight principles of health which are based on the Creation theme and are scientifically proven to be effective in improving health. Choice, Rest, Environment, Activity, Trust, Interpersonal relationships, Outlook on life, and Nutrition are each important in achieving your optimal health.

These principles are woven into every health education and treatment program we provide.

For more information about improving your overall health, please contact us at
407•764•4000 (Osceola County) or 407•303•4000 (Orlando).

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